Show Your Support

This project will not get off the ground without your support. Here are four easy ways you can show your support:

#1. Write a Letter

Letters are powerful. They take a bit of effort and just the fact that they are written and sent to us carries a lot of weight with council. If you would like to write a letter, address it to:

Taieri Community Facilities Trust
PO Box 282
Mosgiel 9053

Emails are also a good sign of support and welcome. Please email your support to:


#2. Send us a Text

Text 0204 32 7665 (o2o4 DC POOL) and let us know what your thoughts are about the project, especially the choice of site.


#3. Spread the Word

Please share about this project with everyone you can think of. Put it on facebook, email your friends about it and encourage people to come and fill out the survey and show their support as well.


#4. Sign up to our Supporters List

Go here to sign up as a pool supporter. We’ll keep in touch with you with some semi-regular emails.