Taieri Aquatic Centre

Ensuring our families and the wider Taieri community have access to swim facilities for education, leisure, competition and recreation.

The community has been working with Dunedin City Council since 2009 on this project. A report at that time identified the need for new swim facilities in the City and Mosgiel was identified as one site for improvements.

Our current pool was originally built in the 1930s, little has changed other than it being covered and some minor upgrades. It has served the community well and now it is time to upgrade for ourselves and future generations.

Our community is growing at a rate of about 8% a year. We now have more than 30,000 people living within a 10 km radius of the centre of Mosgiel. Moana Pool is under strain as the only multipurpose 12 month of the year pool in the city. We need to develop this project to ensure that our families and the wider community have access to swim facilities for learn to swim, leisure, competitive swimming and recreation.

At this time DCC has locked in $6million in their budget for their 2018-19 year. Our goal is to raise $7.5 million from the community, including grants, gifts, personal commitments and fundraising. Once we have raised the money we can go back to DCC and prove we are serious about this project and finalise the size and scope of this project.


Support the Project

Join in with the Taieri Community and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Every donation qualifies for a tax-rebate!

The Taieri Community Facilities Trust is a Registered Charity with Donee Status. This means that if your incomes meets the criteria, the government will refund you 33.3% of your donation.

Consider joining the many people who have committed to giving their refund to the project. By donating the refund the following year, the government then gives another rebate (on the money they originally refunded). By doing this, a donation of $1,000 quickly turns into $1500, meaning that central government could conceivably pay for a third of the project simply through tax rebates!


Share the Project

We really need the whole community to get involved, so please share about the project with your friends and families. Our facebook page is facebook.com/poolingtogether

Donations can be made at the ASB Bank in Mosgiel, online or with credit card. For internet banking transfers or automatic payments, please fill in the form below below.

Bank Account: 12 3485 0006323 00

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Site & Design

In April 2017 DCC approved a site at the Silverstream end of Memorial Park.

The proposed complex features four main water spaces to ensure we cater for all ages from toddlers to the elderly:

– 25 metre lap pool
– learn to swim pool
34 degree hydrotherapy pool for warmer swimming, exercise and rehabilitation
– f
amily splash area/leisure pool for fun and recreation, including a spa pool


Please get in touch with us regarding the pool project–we’d love to hear from you!

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