This time last year we were in the middle of planning for the DDC Long Term Plan process. It may seem like not much has happened since then, but we are making  progress. In our last newsletter in December we advised that Council had agreed to give us time to investigate designs that would make the four-pool option affordable. This was good news for us as it means the project was still on the board.

Over the Summer we have spent time talking to people in the community and building a team who can work with us on this project. We have been successful in gaining support in this way.

We have also been working behind the scenes with council to bring all parties involved together on a shared vision that is achievable.

This Friday, a group of councillors, trust members and DCC staff are spending a full day looking at aquatic facilities  between here and Christchurch. We aim to view the facilities, look at what works and what doesn’t and where these communities have found the most benefit. This day will serve to ensure that all three groups – Councillors, Council Staff and our Trust are all familiar with these facilities. We hope to come up with a set of affordable guidelines and options that we can take to our community to make sure what we are considering is what the community want to support.

Until we work out exactly what the facility will look like, we can’t really start fundraising in earnest. But we are already in discussions with a number of funders and keeping them informed of progress as it is made.

We had hoped to have a public meeting in February, but we didn’t really have anything new to report at that time.  We do intend to have a public meeting, but it may not be until May now as with Easter, Anzac Day and School holidays there are very few clear weeks to run with this. Our vision remains for a functional, cost effective facility that will serve the community well for the next 50 years and beyond.

If you have any questions or want to offer your support in any way, please get in touch.

– Irene Mosely, Chair