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Discover the Plans for a new Aquatic Centre on the Taieri

 The Plan

An artist’s impression of how our complex may look from the inside:

In order to make this a reality, we need everyone to help. So please donate now, get our emails, and share the project far and wide!


The Need

The current Mosgiel pool was built in 1935 for a population of around 2000 people. It is open for seven months of the year and only caters to a narrow segment of our community. It is too deep for toddlers and young families; it has no hydrotherapy value for our significant elderly population; it provides little value to teenagers; and is of limited use for competitive swimming.

As part of our community engagement, we spoke with over 70 community groups and received over 2500 surveys. The message from the community was clear: we need an aquatic centre that caters for every segment of the community. Based on this feedback, a design was created with the following pools:

Family and Toddlers’ Leisure Area

The Taieri area has a large and growing population of young families. A family and toddler’s water play area is essential for introducing infants to water in a safe and engaging environment.

Learn to Swim

NZ is an island nation and it is essential that every child learns to swim. Currently schools are under intense pressure to teach children to swim and pool time is severely limited.  A learn to swim pool will provide an essential service to our community. It will also be available for flippaball and youth water sports.

Hydrotherapy Pool

The Taieri boasts a large elderly population and an even greater population of those who will become elderly. A high-temperature pool is great for pain relief, exercise, health and social connection among the elderly. It is also useful for sports and physio rehab. In regions with a large elderly population like the Taieri, hydrotherapy is a profit centre for aquatic complexes.

Lane Swimming

Lane swimming is essential for casual swimmers and competition across all age groups. By having a 10-lane pool, we have the ability to partition off the pool and provide a sports area where teenagers and young adults can play water-basketball, volleyball or play on inflatables.


Site & Design

After consultation spanning three years, in April 2017 the DCC approved a development site at the Silverstream end of Memorial Park:




Our full feasibility report is available for download here: Taieri Aquatic Facility Report.pdf.

The Compton funding capability report is available here: Compton Report.

Learn about the partnership between the Trust and DCC to fund a $15M complex

The Taieri Community Facilities Trust has been working on a new aquatic complex for the last five years. We started with a community engagement that was unprecedented in Dunedin’s history. We engaged over 70 community groups and had feedback questionnaires returned by over 2500 people.

Following the community engagement, we then commissioned a comprehensive feasibility study. This included initial designs and configurations, site analysis, capex and opex calculations, staffing and visitor projects. As part of our feasibility study, we also commissioned a funding capability study to estimate what level of fundraising we could realistically expect from the local community. The end result was positive. It was affordable and the community was prepared to invest in the facility.

The next step was to work with a Council working party to look at different options. After a year, we took the results to Council, which recommended a four-pool complex for the Taieri. This recommendation exactly echoed the results of a DCC commissioned study into aquatics in 2013. The conclusion of that report was that Dunedin needed a new aquatic complex on the Taieri.


Who We Are

davidGPatron: Professor David Gerrard, CNZM, OBE

Professor Gerrard is a world-renown sports administrator and sports medicine specialist. He was a gold-medalist swimmer in the Commonwealth games and Olympic finalist. He often officiates Olympic and Commonwealth events and has been Chef de Mission for New Zealand at many world events. He is absolutely passionate about the pool project and is determined to bring it into reality.

irene2Chair: Irene Mosley

Irene Mosley was elected chair of the Trust in June 2015, to replace Michael Stedman who stepped down due to ongoing health issues. Irene has been leading community projects for over 30 years. Most recently she led the successful Neurosurgery Project as well as the leading the development and build of the very successful Clutha Recreation Centre community project. In 2004 she was awarded an honour from the Orangi Kaupapa Trust which recognises people who are significant to community in non-commercial sectors. Irene brings a wealth of community project and fundraising experience to the Trust and is determined to make this project another success.

Cherry Lucas

Cherry comes from a background in council and has an array of responsibilities in the trust. She handles many of the trusts professional relationships and connections with council.

Bill Feather

After several terms on the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board, Bill has joined the Trust team and is ensuring that the project runs to a systematic and transparent process.

davidDavid Murphy

David Murphy is a long-time Mosgiel resident with a passion for swimming. He has a wealth of knowledge in aquatic complexes and is working with designers to integrate the latest technology in pool heating and management into a conceptual design.

martinMartin Dillon

Martin has been a community board member for 16 years and is committed to the Mosgiel Community. He has worked with the council aquatic working party over the last several years and knows the whole pool project in detail.

kenKen Whitcombe (Secretary)Ken comes from a legal background and has taken on the secretarial role within the trust. He has been responsible for compiling all the existing council information and reports into aquatics on the Taieri. teresaTeresa Christie

Teresa has been on the trust since its inception in 2005. She has a wealth of experience in community projects and fund-raising.

geoffGeoff Woodcock

Like Teresa, Geoff has been on the Trust since it began. He led the trust during the playground project and has experience in community projects and fundraising.

micahelAdvisor: Michael Stedman, ONZM

Like David Gerrard, Michael Stedman comes from an incredibly successful background. He is most well known for his work in turning Natural History New Zealand into a world-leader in film. He brings a wealth of knowledge, insight and skill to the trust and is determined to make this project a resounding success.

Due to ill health, Michael has resigned from his position as chair and taken a back-seat role in the project.


Thanks for taking some time to learn about the Taieri Community Facilities Trust. We are group of residents that are passionate about the Taieri and who have come together to work on significant projects in the local community. Our last major project was the Memorial Gardens Playground. Starting with only $200 000, we raised enough to complete our vision for what would turn out to be a $875 000 playground. The playground is a resounding success. It is now a major attraction to Mosgiel and regularly sees significant numbers of people coming from Dunedin and beyond.

As a team we know what we are doing. We work with the best people we can possibly find, we work hard, and we get results.

Legal stuff: The Taieri Community Facilities Trust is an incorporated charitable trust board (1761406) under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 and registered charity (CC37622) under the Charities Act 2005 and can be searched on the Charitable Trusts Register at and Charities Register at  Donations of $5 or more by individuals attract a 30% tax credit, and donations by corporations attract a tax deduction.”


The full study is available for download here: Taieri Aquatic Facility Report.pdf.

The funding capability report is available here: Compton Report.

Why isn’t DCC funding the full cost of this project?
DCC have only ever committed to a two-pool complex, as a direct replacement to the existing pool. Our community has grown hugely since the two-pool complex was built in the 1930s and with our population sitting at 15,000 and still growing at around 8% a year, we need a multipurpose, all age facility. If we only had two pools, what part of our community misses out?

Why is this project being led by a trust?
A community run trust has access to community funding that Council cannot access. A community led project is also more likely to generate goodwill and community support. This project is being led by the people for the people.

Why is the complex being built so far from the town centre?
Initially the pool site identified was in the Memorial Gardens behind the library. Some sectors of the community were not happy with the gardens space being taken up with a building. The current site is still reasonably central, as good access from both Reid Ave and Gordon road and it is looking like there may be the additional advantage of being able to capture the water in the water bore next to the existing pool, to assist with the heating of the water for the pool.

What happens if the money cannot be raised?
The community has committed to needing a four-pool complex. IF the money cannot be raised then the design of the pool will need to be looked at. A DCC report in 2015 recommended a 3-pool complex, but this would mean either our children or our elderly would not be catered for.  Over 2000 people submitted in 2014 that a four-pool option was the ideal for Mosgiel and the Taieri.

Why is there no diving pool, lazy river or hydro slide?
It makes sense not to replicate services that are already provided at Moana Pool. Lazy rivers are expensive to build, because of the curved edges and the need for an extra life guard to supervise this space. Hydro slides often present problems in the build and maintenance and diving pools are expensive to heat and run. By leaving these types of structures for Moana pool we can get a better all-purpose facility for our community, rather than specialising.

With the drowning rates in NZ on the increase, why isn’t this being funded by Central Government?
The best way for us to get Govt funding is by donating to the project and then getting the IRD donee rebate. This equates to getting 33% funding from the Govt. i.e.: A donation of $1500 qualifies for a tax refund of $500 from the Govt, essentially  meaning that of your $1500 donation $1000 is paid by you and $500 by the Govt refund to you.

How are you going to raise this money?
DCC has committed $6 million at this time.

We are able to go to various grant organisations and funding charities as well as working with the wider Dunedin community to raise this money. Capital Fundraising is a carefully worked out science. We have done our homework and believe our target is achievable.

This project has huge community buy in and other than the initial site selection, there are very few who are not in favour of this project. By utilising this good will and desire to get a project of this scale on the Taieri, we want to encourage people to step up and get involved. We want people who love the Taieri and have made their lives and businesses in the area to give back to the community that has supported them, by investing in this project.

There will also be a range of public fundraising events and activities as the project progresses.

What are the four pools we hear about?
The complex will have a 25 metre lap pool, a 20 metre learn to swim pool, a hydro therapy pool with a temp of between 32 – 34 degrees for therapy, warmer swimming and rehab. The fourth space will be a splash pad/ beach entry leisure space for children and families. It is hoped that the complex will also have a large spa pool. Other features include family changing rooms, pool side seating, disability access ramps into key water spaces, good storage for club use and the ability to expand the facility in the future if the need arose.

How will my gift be acknowledged?
Everyone who wishes to be acknowledged will have their name displayed in an appropriate way in the foyer of the pool complex. There are also opportunities for naming of certain areas of the complex to acknowledge exceedingly generous giving or long term partnerships in this project.

If you have questions that are not answered here please contact the Chairperson of our Trust: Irene Mosley 027 277 5631 or Fundraising Chairperson Bob Campbell 021 569 147

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